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1 learn sight read music notes

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Learn to sight read music in G & F Clef. Solfa. Notes above and below staff. Span 6 octaves. Applies to any instrument. Notes generated randomly and not limited to a repeating set. Switch between clefs for even more fun. Answer key for starters. Beginners set the pace by limiting the octave section to learn. Major and Minor Scales (sharps and flats). Piano sound can be muted. Include test score and performance statistics. Great for phones. Perfect for tablets.Alternate notations:C D E F G A BC D E F G A HDo Ré Mi Fa Sol La SiDo Re Mi Fa Sol La Siハ ニ ホ ヘ ト イ ロNi Pa Vu Ga Di Ke ZoSa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni
Alternate sound:GuitarOrganTrumpetVibraphoneTelephone